domingo, 27 de março de 2011

Dear john :

 Right now you're probably wondering where i am (?), who I'm with (?) and why you're in this (?) but before i go into what i'm up to, let me confess. Dear sweetheart, i know about your secret.Where you been, who you're with, i saw you out with her. And yet you're always try to maintain how i got a good thing, and i can do better. Do you remember what you told me? Cause I remember it well (how could I forget?) Do you remember how you said no one would want me? And i said 'time will tell'.That's why i'm so sorry, that i couldn't be there. To see the look upon your face and I'm so sorry, that it took me so long, so long to put you in your place.
 I'm writing you this letter, just to let you know that i still love you, but e won't be coming back. You had me at 'hello', now i gotta say 'goodbye' cause one too many times, you made me cry.
 Dear John, by now you probably see my clothes are gone, keys are gone and i ain't laughing. So don't even bother to call my number, cause i got it changed. Why John? Couldn't you see, i gave my heart, gave my time and I got nothing. So it shouldn't be surprising this letter i'm writing.
Left you there by yourself.

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